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Join one of the thousands of happy customers who use our system everyday 24/7. Our server is unique from many of the other competitors.. Join now and see for yourself why we are #1!

Developer’s API

For those of you with php programming experience, you can easily integrate the UCS class into your website to automate submissions, code retrieval. Full examples are provided as well as documentation so those who are adventurous can start implementing the API right away!

Integrated messaging system for fast support

To speed up support services and questions, we have integrated a quick messaging system so you can quickly ask questions while logged into our site. Switching between our service and an e-mail client in your browser is no longer necessary.

Ability to create and manage your own resellers

If you need a system to manage your own employees or customers we have integrated an easy to use sub-reseller system. You simply create the users, manage their credits and support their orders. and we will take care of the rest. Sales statistics for each user is available as well. 

Full Detailed Transaction History

Every transaction you make, every detail is completely stored in our database for records keeping. This means no more hasslewith excel sheets, text documents to keep track of your mobile business.

Competitive Pricing and Multiple Unlock Tools

Asides from our industry leading support and experience, we offer very competitive pricing. Also we have many differentmobile unlock methods to try so if you can't get a code with one method, there will be definitely another method you can try. 

An extremely easy to use user interface

Our user interface is extremely easy to use, anyone with access to a computer can use it! Reduce training time for your staff in your mobile stores and kiosks! Simply select the unlock tool you wish to use and enter the IMEI(s)!

Easy to follow Unlock Instructions for each Manufacturer

Time is important to you so that's we we compiled the most to date unlock instructions so you can unlock your devices quickly. That means you don't need to spend precious minutes searching for inaccurate instructions online.